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Claire Wrenn Bobrow

As a child growing up in Memphis, I developed a passion for wild animals and spent many happy hours volunteering at the zoo. I tackled my job with enthusiasm but restrained myself from tackling visitors who threw marshmallows to the bears!


During college in Vermont, my interests expanded to include foreign languages, travel, and the great outdoors. I applied my tackling skills to the rugby field and to the steady supply of maple syrup at the dining hall.


I then headed to California to see where adventure would take me. My path led to a career in landscape architecture, a family, and two dogs, creating my own miniature version of a favorite childhood book, My Family and Other Animals. Tackling the blend of family, career, and creative pursuits has been a different kind of zoo but a marvelous ride.


These days, I enjoy learning new things, letting my mind wander, and walking my dogs at the beach. One day, I hope to see cheetahs in the wild.

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