About Claire

Claire sprouted in Memphis, by the banks of the Mississippi, skied off to college in the Green Mountains of Vermont, then scampered to San Francisco, which stole her heart for good.

She has been a flower girl, a knitter, a rugby player, and a babysitter of emus. She has rowed a boat in San Francisco Bay, rafted through the Grand Canyon, hiked on a volcano, forgotten how to knit, been yelled at by museum guards (twice), and had a sea otter climb in her kayak. But mostly Claire stays home and drinks tea.

The constants in her life have been books, reading, and a big imagination. So, when her daughter and son were almost grown, Claire decided to try writing. She appreciates stories that are adventurous, strange, funny, or mysterious, especially if they include animals.

These days she puts her degrees in German and Landscape Architecture to good use by gardening and attending the opera. She also works at a local independent bookstore and volunteers as a creative writing tutor to elementary school students. Claire buys new rose bushes more often than she should, makes an excellent chocolate chip cookie, and loves spending time with her husband, children, family, and friends. Dogs make her very, very happy.